Burial or Cremation

The answer to this question will have a bearing when choosing the location and the type of service for the funeral. Usually the wishes of the deceased are known to family either spoken or in writing, for example, a will or a pre-arranged funeral plan.


If there are written instructions from the deceased specifying Burial then a Cremation cannot take place. Burial is still the traditional interment commonly used and there are a number of available local cemeteries.


Cremation is a respectful dignified process that is preferred by many of today’s families. You may wish more detailed information about the cremation process; we can provide answers to all your questions.

Memorialization of the Ashes

There are many appropriate ways for dealing with your loved ones’ ashes after the funeral. Burdekin Funerals can help you decide by providing a range of options that include a  plaque of remembrance in a memorial garden wall or scattering the ashes at a location of special significance, with the family only or with a Minister or Celebrant in attendance.