Funeral Information

Writing a Funeral Notice

Funeral Notice(This is usually written and placed in the newspaper by the Funeral Director)

The purpose of a Funeral notice is to notify the recipient that a loved one has passed away. The notice should include the full name of the person who has died. If the individual went by a nickname or shortened name, you may want to include that too. It should include the date and time of the funeral and where it will be held, if donations are to be made in lieu of flowers etc.

As you will observe the Burdekin Funerals Newspaper Logo is under the notice so people who intend to come to the funeral or are unable to be there can contact our office to order flowers etc. We even get asked is this the person that lived in such and such 20 years ago. When this occurs, the privacy laws and our privacy policy prevent us from giving out information such as phone number and addresses.