Writing the Eulogy

A Loving Tribute to Celebrate a Life.

The eulogy is a significant part of the service as it celebrates the life of your loved one.  The way they touched your heart and life as well as the lives of others. Writing and delivering the eulogy is an important undertaking, since the eulogy helps the healing process begin for those left behind.

The eulogy can be delivered by anyone, a family member, friend or clergy person. It is best delivered by one who has had close understanding of the deceased and may be shared jointly with others contributing words of remembrance, stories, or even poetry and it should be a loving, abbreviated tale about the life of your loved one.

Some people come up with serious speeches honouring their dearly departed, while others wold rather show the humourous side.  The most recommended eulogy is a combination of both, since death should not be a reason to be sad, but a celebration of a life well lived.

The most touching and meaningful eulogies are written from the heart and itt does not have to be perfect, whatever you write and deliver will appreciated by the people in attendance.

Some suggestions for content of a eulogy may include:

  • Persons age/date of birth
  • Family and other close relationships
  • Education / work / career
  • Hobbies and/or special interests
  • Places the person lived
  • Special accomplishments

Practice reading the eulogy several times to become familiar with it and before delivering it, breathe deeply and remind yourself that you are surrounded by loving family and friends who are there to honour someone special, not to judge your delivery.