The reason for placing a funeral notice in a newspaper is to notify family and friends of the death of a loved one. It is particularly effective for those friends that you have not been in touch with for some time. Funeral notices are expensive and usually a funeral notice is in the $100.00 Plus price range but the cost grows with more information in it. Burdekin Funerals will write the notice for you.

In saying that, trying to cut the information that needs to be in the notice can be something that you may regret. At Burdekin Funerals we will try to word the notice in a way that saves linage with the right information but it is completely your choice in the wording as it still needs to be the way you want it.

As you will observe the Burdekin Funerals Newspaper Logo is under each notice, that is placed under the notice so people who intend to come to the funeral or are unable to be there can contact  Burdekin Funerals to order flowers etc. We even get asked is this the person that lived in such and such 20 years ago. When this occurs, the privacy laws and our privacy policy prevent us from giving out information such as phone numbers and addresses.